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Women For Action launched a campaign to petition political leaders to elevate August 26th, Women’s Equality Day to a federal holiday. Despite it’s forty-three year existence, it is dimly recognized. This special day highlights key contributions that should be celebrated and commemorated with more depth in history books. These events were important to American U.S. history and policy, which ultimately spurred a shift and tone for U.S. society.

Women’s Equality Day was set aside by the United States government in 1971 to commemorate women’s right to vote which was due to the certification of the nineteenth amendment on August 26th, 1920. The institution and installment of the commemoration day was largely due to a 1970 protest on August 26th organized by feminist activists who petitioned for equality in education, employment, and access to childcare. The nationwide movement garnered over 100,000 women across the country and was considered the largest gender equality protest in U.S. history.

The Change.org petition, “Elevate Women’s Equality Day to a Federal Holiday” proposes 100,000 signatures in honor of the 100,000+ women protest.

The special day may have all the key ingredients to be highlighted with significance. Women’s right to vote came almost a century after a young Susan B. Anthony asked for equal pay for women teachers. Her campaign for equality, among many others like her such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sojourner Truth went on for several decades. Many of these women warriors died well before their dream of inclusion was realized.  The women’s suffrage movement was not without its timeline of significant strife.  

Women For Action feels that Women’s Equality Day is a strong representation of American ideals--diversity and inclusion.  It serves as a token to remind the American people of road the that’s been traveled and where the country should be headed. Women have been through immense hurdles. Though strides have been made, women are still a long way from equality. Women are still making less than their male counterparts and for women of color, the gap is far greater.  Also, women have lesser numbers in significant forms of leadership. As the petition states, “Recognizing this day as a federal holiday does not resolve all efforts to establish equality…This initiative will bring us a step closer towards balancing the scale and commemorating efforts that support inclusiveness and equality.”

Please join us for this very important initiative to elevate a significant day not just for women, but for all Americans!

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